Visio 2003 by Stephen Moffat

visio-2003Visio is designed to help you create business and technical diagrams, including Organization Charts, Flow Charts and Office Layout Diagrams. These diagrams are created with the use of sophisticated drawing tools and stencils of pre-drawn shapes that can be dropped onto the drawing page. In this book the readers will read Introduction to Visio, Visio Environment, Screen layout, File commands, Saving a file, Closing a file, Opening an existing file, Stencils, Opening more stencils, Moving between stencils, Closing stencils, Searching for a shape on a stencil, Working with shapes, Creating a shape, Selecting shapes, Moving shapes, Deleting shapes, Resizing shapes, Rotating shapes, Flipping shapes, Duplicating/copying shapes, Changing the attributes of a shape, Stacking shapes, Aligning shapes,


Distributing shapes, Grouping shapes, Pages & vies, Creating a new page, Zooming, Ruler and Grid, Snap and Glue, Guides, Working with text, Text boxes, Shapes, Formatting text, Alignment of text, Tabs within a text box or shape, Bullets within a text box or shape, Connectors, Creating a point to point connection, Creating a shape to shape connection, Automatically connected shapes, Working with connection points, Drawing shapes, Background pages, Inserting a background page, Assigning a background page, Creating a background page from an existing page, Editing an existing background page, Custom stencils, The favorites stencil, New stencils, Printing, Print Preview, Printing your drawing, Visio & other Applications and much more.

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