Word 2007 Advanced by Stephen Moffat

word-2007-advancedWord 2007 Advanced has description and learning lessons of Word 2007 written by Stephen Moffat. This book has two parts. In this book the readers will read Advanced tables, Advanced features, Table size and alignment, Advanced formatting techniques, Styles, Document themes, Columns, Sections, Outlining, Document outlines, Heading numbering, Document map, Using master documents, Creating a master document outline,


Templates and forms, Setting template appearance, Fields, Form fields, Mail merge, C ross-references, Indexes and tables, Table of contents, Indexes, Citations and bibliographies, Using footnotes, Using endnotes, Track changes, Reviewing the changes, Comments, Objects, Inserting, formatting and deleting objects, Building blocks, Advanced extras, Auto format, macros and much more.

To download this book, please click the link below:
Click here to download Word 2007 Advanced Part1
Click here to download Word 2007 Advanced Part2

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