Word 2007 Introduction by Stephen Moffat

word-2007-introductionWord 2007 Introduction has description and learning of Word 2007 written by Stephen Moffat. This book has two parts. In this book the readers will read The basics, Windows concepts, Smart tags, Entering and editing information, Editing text, File operations, Navigation, Editing tools, Selecting text, Move and copy, Formatting text, Font dialog, Paragraph formats, Borders, Bulleted and numbered list, Bullets and numbering with the shortcut menu,


Tabs and Tables, Proofing tools, Spell checker and thesaurus, Layout, Page setup, Viewing and printing, Viewing your document, Keyboard shortcuts, Movement keys, Selection keys, Keyboard shortcuts for character formatting, Keyboard shortcuts for paragraph formatting, Shortcuts keys for table navigation, Shortcut keys for selecting in a table and much more.

To download this book, please click the link below:
Click here to download Word 2007 Introduction Part1
Click here to download Word 2007 Introduction Part2

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