Word 2010 Advanced by Stephen Moffat

word-2010-advancedWord 2010 is a powerful word processing application that allows users to produce typed documents. These can range from simple letters through to fax cover sheets, reference manuals and sophisticated reports incorporating numbered headings, figures and graphics. In this book the readers will read Advanced tables, Moving and copying, Table sizes and alignment, Sorting your data, Table formulas, Other features, Advanced formatting, Styles, Import and export styles, Defining styles automatically, Quick style sets, Document themes, Columns, Sections, Outlining / Master documents,


Document outlines, Heading style numbering, Master documents, Templates and forms, Fields, Form fields, Mail merge, Mail merge create letters and other documents, Trouble shooting, Indexes, Tables, Cross reference, Table of contents, Cross=referencing text, Citations and bibliographies, Footnotes and endnotes, Track changes (revision marks), Reviewing the changes, Comments, Versions, Inserting, formatting and deleting objects, Smart Art, Building blocks, Advanced extras, Odd and even headers and footers, Hyperlinks, Customizing command access, Macros and much more.

To download this book, please click the link below:
Click here to download Word 2010 Advanced Part1
Click here to download Word 2010 Advanced Part2

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