Word 2013 by Mary Thomas

word-2013This book is intended for anybody who wants to create professional documents easier and quicker. Word 2013 has a vast number of features. In this book we concentrate on the features of Word 2013 which will be used by the majority of people. Features that are less well used are covered in the Advanced Word 2013 book. The book covers each tab in the Word ribbon and explains how to use most of the buttons available. In this book the readers will read User interface, Open and close word, The quick access toolbar, The ribbon, Minimize, Maximize, Help, Ruler, Status Bar, Read More, Compatibility Mode, File option, Info, New, Open, Save, Save As, Print, Share, Export, Close, Account, Options, Home tab, Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Styles, Editing, Insert tab, Pages, Tables, Illustrations, Apps for office, Media, Links, Comments,


Header and footer, Text, Design tab, Document formatting, Page background, Page layout tab, Page setup, Paragraph, Arrange, Reference tab, Table of contents, Footnotes, Citations and bibliography, Captions, Index, Table authorities, Mailings tab, Create, Start mail merge, Write and insert fields, Preview results, Finish, Review tab, Proofing, Language, Comments, Tracking, Changes, Compare, Protect, View Tab, Views, Show, Zoom, Window, Macros, Table functionality, Design tab, Layout tab, Pictures, Adjust, Picture styles, Arrange, Size, Header and footer design tools, Header and footer, Insert, Navigation, Options, Position, Close, Drawing tools format, Insert shapes, Shape styles, Word Art styles, Text, Arrange, Smart Art design and format and much more.

To download this book, please click the link below:
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