Zariatul Wusool Ila Janab-ER-Rasool by Allama Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Sindhi Rahmatullah Alaihe

Zariatul Wusool Ila Janab-ER-Rasool is an Urdu Islamic book about the importance of Durood Shareef. A person who recites Durood Shareef, the Angels praying for him during his recitation of Durood Shareef. Durood Shareef itself prays to Allah for the salvation its recitor. The award of reciting Durood Shareef is greater than that of freeing slaves. A person who recites Duroos Shareef is absolved from all fears.


In this book has a collection of Durood Shareef which is narrated from Prophet Muhammad Swallallaho Alaihe Wasallam, Sahabah RaziAllaho Anhom and Tabe’aeen. The author of the book collected 185 Durood Shareef. In the end of the book the readers will read the translation of every Durood Shareef the author wrote in this book. Is  kitaab main Durood Shareef ka nafees tareen majmooa hai.

To download this book, please click the link below:
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